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Thread: tri. Character Song Albums Cover Art, Song Previews, & Cast Appearance Events

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    I'm okay with the songs overall but was really disappointed by Natsuki Hanae. He's a great singer, but the song just doesn't do much with his voice. I'm also disappointed because he went back to his normal higher voice instead of singing with Taichi's slightly deeper voice. I agree with Jay, Koushiro's song is great instrumental-wise but Mutsumi Tamura was struggling a lot.
    I already knew Junya Enoki was a good singer so I'm happy with Takeru's song. Jou though... man, what power! I was not expecting that at all. I actually liked Mimi's song haha I'm a sucker for idol trash. Hikari's song was also nice.

    About the Digimon album... Yeah, those are actual Character Songs. Agumon no SUNba reminded me a lot of Agumon ONDO, I guess that's what they were going for. Really disappointed by Tentomon, I really don't like it when Character Songs are just declamations. My favorites from this album were Gomamon and Meikuumon.

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    That would be cool if those were like his hats. But I like the art. And I like Meiko and I'm glad they have more merch like this.

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    They all sound amazing! Love how Joes and Gomamons songs go hand in hand and reflects their relationship as partners
    Piyomons song is probably my favourite, would love to hear the full versions with lyric translations
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