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Thread: Tamagotchi Minis coming out in April.

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    Tamagotchi Minis coming out in April.

    With all the nostalgia lately with the 20th Anniversary of Digimon and the new rereleases of the original Digital Monster I felt like I had to share this with you guys. They'd look great next to the Digimon Minis of anyone collected those on the past.


    They should be up on most other retail stores like amiami and etc.

    I preordered a white one because I already give bandai too much money, but it's going to bbe hard not buyers it more than one. Anyone else hyped for this too?

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    Apart from Nanimon, are there any other Tamagotchi references anywhere in Digimon? I completely missed the Tamagotchi craze growing up, so I know nothing of its universe and how it relates or compares to Digimon.

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    Aside from the Oyajitchi / Nanimon thing, there are actually a couple of Tamagotchi references in Digimon. Here's the ones I know offhand.

    -Digimon Tamers 1984 had one, and I believe the Adventurer's Battle did as well.

    -Wizarmon's staff has an egg crack in it with three buttons below it, which has the appearance of a Tamagotchi device.

    -Belphemon Sleep Mode's alarm clock resembles a Tamagotchi device. Same with Sleepmon's alarm clock.
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