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Thread: so which mega form will toei use for tailmon in digimon adventure tri?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DontStopPataPata View Post
    Interesting. So only MagnaAngemon didn't have a Mega in Adventure?

    I had understood that Holydramon wasn't originally a mega evolution of Tailmon. It was an evolution of Tailmon, but not mega evolution.

    Although I may be wrong.

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    Holydramon was Tailmon's Ultimate form in Pendulum 1.5, where Tailmon, Angewomon, and Holydramon were switched out for Tortomon, Jyagamon, and HerakleKabuterimon.
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    Iirc at the time of the original card game (the U.S version anyways not sure if the Japanese version was different) Magnadramon was a Mega that could digivolve from Angewomon. And I think that was during Adventure?

    ETA: Nevermind what TMS said.

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