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Thread: Random Commentary on Evolutionary Relationships V.3

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    I think those are great choices, never thought of those.

    I went on the visual guide on Wikimon and while nothing really stood out on the Digimon side (I still like both Agumon, especially Savers because of the arm bands). I mean Bokumon could also work since it's design is kinda generic enough.

    But when it comes to Appmon, Musclemon and Spamon both seem great for the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flintlock View Post
    Why not Marsmon for the ultimate instead of Regulumon? It normally evolves from Grappleomon, and is another wrestling cat Digimon with giant punchy fists with white fur.
    Like he said, Regulumon gets no love, but on top of that sometimes you don't want to use an Olympian or want more of a mane.

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    I love the X Antibody Digimon and I love how detailed some of the newer Digimon look, some of them even have small crystals and stuff, so I combined them. I think they work really well.

    These ones might not work as much because I kind of disregarded levels, and I used a Xros Wars Digimon, but I had to connect Nefertimon to Mastemon.

    Kind of unrelated but still a similar idea, we need more ancient alien Digimon for Shakkoumon.

    Here's a fun toy line for Omegamon Alter S.

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    Looking over the list of Levels for Fusion-verse Digimon again and while I agree with most of them, ones that had been discussed aside, there is one exception: I don't think Shoutmon + Star Sword/Dorulu Cannon/Supersonic Sparrow should be treated as actual species since I see the Star Sword, Dorulu Cannon, and Supersonic Sparrow as Armament DigiFuses with Shoutmon as simply the operator. (see here for more details)
    Last edited by Chimera-gui; 03-28-2017 at 08:21 AM.
    I'll work to see that justice will be fully served, meow~!

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    Okay, I went ahead and made a version of the lions line with Panjyamon as the Adult, though I feel like it cheated a bit since according to Wikimon the only way to get Panjyamon is by cheating, and that's the only game he was ever considered an Adult level. But he does fit better. And yeah, Marsmon fits fine too, I just preferred Regulumon.

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    Up to date with the list of Digimon evolutions suggested in this series of threads. Some may be missing due to removed images and whatnot.
    Warning: This page is very long.


    I haven't filled in all the pre-evos yet, but they can be found (less conveniently, I know) by searching a Digimon's name. I was going to try to make the document more convenient with urls and extra formatting, but the editor wasn't working well for me, so I just uploaded the whole thing as plain text.
    Cropped Digimon artwork and recolors/edits based on other official sources. Go ahead and use them for charts or whatever.

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    I come from the net
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    I like the line Az M. It looks like it really could work.

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